Latest artworks

[:pl]Projekt internetowego banera z ilustracją kominiarza[:en]The project of Web banner with illustration of a chimney sweep

Web banner for Eco 2020

Banner was created for the company Eco2020 and was published on the Italian version of their website. The banner promotes the sale of boilers and furnaces. Its color scheme refers to the identity of the company, color scheme of their website and ecology theme. Especially for this project we cretaed the illustration of the chimney

[:pl]Projekt strony wyborczej na Wybory Samorządowe 2014[:en]Landing page for Local Government Elections 2014

Landing page for Local Government Elections 2014

This is a web design of a landing page for the candidate to Local Government Elections in 2014. The project consists of a single page divided into sections, referred to by the top menu buttons. It has a minimalistic, modern look in the color scheme of the party, on behalf of which the candidate competed.

[:pl]Projekt logo, kuponu, naklejki i zaproszenia dla kawiarni "Poczuj mietę"[:en]Logo design, voucher design, invitation design and sticker design for cafe "Feel the mint"

Visual identity design for Feel the mint

This logo has been designed for the new-opening cafe called "Feel the mint". The cafe is a cozy place where you can enjoy a good coffee, some healthy food - fresh juices, cereal, salads, sandwiches, etc. Logo is subtle, uses shades of brown and green, referring to the mint. The symbol in the logo is

[:pl]Projekt layoutu strony dla Centrum Zaopatrzenia Lakierni[:en]Website layout design for Car Paint Supply center

Website project for Car Paint Supply Center

The project shows the layout of the company website for Radom Paint Supply Center. The website is simple and minimalistic, with vibrant green color accents. On the main page there is an attractive large slider with four rotating images. These images relate to the company industry. Below the slider there is a horizontally scrolling bar

[:pl]Projekt katalogu piorunochronów Quantex[:en]Brochure design of Quantex lightning conductors

Advertising brochure for Quantex

This 4-page A5 brochure advertises Quantex company which sells lightning conductors. The design of the folder is clean, clear, aesthetic. The cover of the folder is minimalistic, and the color scheme is consistent with the company logo. For the purposes of this project I have also created the illustration of lightning conductors range. Software: Photoshop,

[:pl]Projekt okładki i skład książki[:en]Book cover and inner layout design

Book cover and layout

Cover design for the book "Start investing in bitcoin today" and the overall layout of this book was made for a client from Finland. In cooperation with the client I have also prepared the electronic version for e-books (epub) and visualization of the book for the purpose of advertising materials. The cover is modern and

How does cooperation with me look like?


Contact and brainstorming

Do you need a graphic design studio or a freelance designer? Are you looking for someone who will create a proffesional and not really expensive design? The best way to contact me is to fill the contact form, send me an e-mail, ask for Skype ID or make a phone call. In Warsaw or Łódź You can arrange a meeting with me, otherwise the cooperation takes place remotely. During the first conversation, I try to gather as much information as possible and together with the client we create the brief. I try to note down all so that everybody is able to refer to it at any time and every stage of creation.


Design and feedback

I create conceptual sketches, write down ideas, I design, I create visuals. I inform the customer about the progress of the work on a regular basis. From time to time I send sketches and ideas to the customer, depending on the type of the project. After each presentation of my work, I listen to the customer feedback and comments and try to adjusts the project.


Implementation – the end result

The finished graphic design is transferred to the customer. I can also help to implement it. In case of a web design project I can encode it into HTML / CSS and upload to your server, in case of printed materials – I can prepare them for publication, I can also mediate between the client and the printing house.